Letter For Life

During an emergency at your home, there are times when you may be unable to speak or think clearly. Let Healthcare Innovation's Letter Of Life” speak for you.


"Letter of Life” is a voluntary program that allows Emergency Medical Personnel to easily retrieve vital medical history information concerning the residents of your home. The information you provide is an excellent tool in helping to consider or rule out possible cause of the medical emergency

Here’s how you can help protect your family.


Download the following file(s):


Letter For Life


Letter For Life Instructions


1. First, complete the medical history forms attached and place them in an envelope.


2. Write "Letter For Life” on the outside of the envelope. Then, wipe dry the inside rightward wall of your refrigerator and attach the envelope with masking or duct tape to the dried area. Be sure not to cover up your writing with the tape.


3. Next, cut out the red and black logo on the instruction sheet. It is the logo with the black envelope on top of the red asterisk (EMS Star of Life).


4. Finally, place the logo on the top left outside corner of your entrance door to the house. The sticker alerts emergency personnel that your “Envelope of Life” materials are in the refrigerator. Remember to keep the form up-to-date and replace it as needed.

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